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Insulting Quotes for Ex Boyfriends

Your ex hurt you and you have not moved on yet.  He made you feel that you are worthless and not worth loving.  He took away all the confidence and self esteem that you have when he said that he no longer loves you because you do not meet up to his standards.  Moreover, you […]

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How to Win Back A Boyfriend After A Bad Breakup

Winning back a boyfriend can bring about an array of emotions that you can and cannot handle.  It can make you feel excited about being reunited with your ex.  It can also leave you anxious whether he feels the same or not. It can even leave you scared that he will reject you and that […]

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How To Get Back Your Ex Before They Move On

Breaking up with your boyfriend can be a tough time for you.  It is a time when you are depressed and you feel miserable about your situation.  You feel frustrated with all the dreams and plans that will never come true anymore.   You feel sad that the person you trusted and loved is no longer […]

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How Do I Get Him Back From Her?

You lost the person you love to another girl.  That hurt like hell.  The feeling of betrayal that you were left for someone else is so painful that it rips your heart apart.  It even cost you your confidence and self-esteem. You are left with so many questions as to why he left you for […]

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Want To Know How To Get Back Together With Ex Boyfriend?

Ending a relationship is a great ordeal.  It leaves you with a lot of pain and suffering.  It can even sometimes cause depression.  It leaves you with sleepless nights and buckets of tears wasted.  It leaves you with feelings of betrayal, misery, desperation and loneliness.  It leaves you with days wandering off to dreamland thinking […]

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Ex Boyfriend And His Body Language?

It has been awhile since you broke up with your ex.  You already followed the no contact rule so that you will have time to think about things.  You followed all the other tips regarding coping with a break up and everything seems to be going okay with you so far. You believe that you […]

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Effective Ways on How to Improve Your Relationship with Your Boyfriend

There are times when girls don’t feel completely happy with their relationships. Happy relationships don’t just happen. A happy and long lasting relationship takes more than just love and feelings. It also requires time and effort from both parties. So if you are in a relationship and you want to be contented and blissful, here […]

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Dreaming About Ex Boyfriend: What Does It Mean?

Sleeping visions, nightly mind stories, reflections of reality, repressed desires, and unconscious communications to the conscious are just some of the known terms being used at present, which are referred to dreams. And by looking at these words, you will definitely ask yourself, “What is the true connection between dreams and reality?” You will absolutely […]

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Know the Right Answers – When is it Time to End a Relationship with Your Boyfriend?

It is a fact that there are lots of women at present, who are struggling with their current relationship status due to various reasons. Many of them would try their best to hang on and use whatever ways that can help them prop up the wilting bond with their guy partner. But some women would […]

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Missing Ex Boyfriend Quotes

You are officially missing your ex boyfriend.  However, you do not have the guts to tell him through a text message, what more straight to his face.  You do now know how he will react if you tell him you miss him.  He might ignore you and you would end up feeling rejected.  This would […]

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