How To Get Back Your Ex Before They Move On

Breaking up with your boyfriend can be a tough time for you.  It is a time when you are depressed and you feel miserable about your situation.  You feel frustrated with all the dreams and plans that will never come true anymore.   You feel sad that the person you trusted and loved is no longer to be with you and share tough and good times with you. .

You are now alone and have so much time for yourself.  You have a lot of time to think about the past and the future.  You keep on thinking about the things that have happened.  You spend hours thinking about how you could have prevented things from happening.  You rack your brains to find out the reason why the break up happened.  It just makes you crazy sometimes.

Admit it.  There has been a point in your life that you wondered how to get back your ex. You’ve spent a certain amount of time thinking of ways how to get him back and be happy together again.  Deny it as much as you want but everyone, including myself, knows for a fact that this has crossed your mind not once, but over and over again.

There are several ways to get your ex back especially if you know that you still love each other. However, the ways to get your ex back may differ on the situation and the type of break up that you had.

If he dumped you…

Your ex dumped you because he needed time to sort things out and to clear his head.  Alright, you respected his request to have time and space for him to think things through.  This is a very admirable thing that you are doing for him.

It’s been awhile that you guys have been separated.  All that time you did not contact him in any way.   If you really want to get your ex back and for you to have peace of mind as well or proper closure, what you can do is to break the no contact rule.  Call your boyfriend and ask him if you can meet up and talk about the relationship.  If you’re kind of shy to call him and ask him out, you can start  by sending him a text message asking him how he has been doing.  Try to know his situation.

Your ex would and should be man enough to talk to you and tell him how he has been doing all this time.  If your ex really needed some time and space to think about things, then he will talk to you and keep you updated with what is really happening with him.  If all this time he has not yet cleared his mind, then he should be man enough to tell you to move on and find someone else.

What if your ex dumped you for another girl? If your ex dumped you for another girl, it would be quite weird and stupid for you to want him back.  He has hurt you in the first place.  However, if you still want him back after what he has done to you, then you need to know first if they are still together so that you can avoid breaking another relationship apart.  If they are no longer together, then you can call your ex and ask him out again.  You’ll never know if you guys can be sweeter the second time around.

If you dumped him…

If you are the dumper, it is quite a different story how to get your ex back.  Of course, you have to take into consideration the amount of pain that you have caused him when you left.  Before you try getting your ex back, you need to know first if he has forgiven you at least for what you have done.  If not, then it would be advisable that you ask for forgiveness first.  Tell your ex how sorry you are. Tell him that you really are very sorry for what you have done.  Once he has forgiven you, try to work your way back into his life again, slowly.  You would need him to start trusting you again.  You would need him to know that you will not hurt him again this time.  Once you are in that stage, you can try to tell him how you feel for him.  Tell him that all this time you are still in love with him and that you want him back.

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