How To Impress Your Ex Boyfriend After A Break Up

So you just broke up with your boyfriend, and you want to make huge impression on him. Maybe you want to make him reconsider leaving you, or you want to leave him with a lasting memory of how great you are. However you try to achieve this, the last thing you want is to have him seeing you as a desperate, needy ex-girlfriend. So you need to strike the middle ground between confident and showing off. You need to understand the male mind.

  1. Don’t be emotional. You may still cry buckets over him, but you can never let him know that you do. When you are in a relationship, the guy will try to comfort you because he wants to take the typical masculine role of protector and problem solver. But once he is no longer with you, he will see your emotionality as an unnecessary burden. So no matter how much you want to tell him you love him, don’t do it.
  2. Don’t make big, dramatic moves. Don’t change schools or move to another town. Huge changes in your life in the immediate aftermath of a breakup will surely reach your ex’s ears. When it does, he will have the satisfaction that he was under your skin, that you had get away from him.
  3. Be independent. To impress your ex, you need to show that you don’t require him for emotional support. Achieving success in some other aspect of your life is an excellent way to impress your ex–or anyone. Getting a job promotion or acing your finals can be an excellent way to show you don’t need your ex, and that the breakup wasn’t as big a tragedy as he thought.
  4. Find someone else. There are few things in life more attractive than something you can’t possess. So if you can find someone else out there who can make you happy, even for a little while, then spend some time with them. You need to make a distinction between finding happiness with someone else, and being emotionally needy. You may wish to wait a while before dating again. Or you may go out with someone who is up a few rungs on the social ladder from your ex.
  5. Go shopping. Most women pay less attention to their personal appearance once they feel secure in a relationship. You probably could use a new haircut, wardrobe or day at the spa to show off how good you can look. You want to make a jaw-dropping impression on him, next time he sees you. A note of caution though; don’t be something you are not. If you are not the Prada wearing type, don’t deck yourself out in it. You want to look your best, but not ridiculous.
  6. Being upbeat. This one is pretty difficult to pull off if you are actually feeling depressed. You might try getting some medication from a doctor to help you. Or try finding a hobby or activity that really invigorates and excites you. But few things will impress an ex-boyfriend more than a girl who is enjoying life without him. It will make him wonder what you are doing that is making you so happy, or what he was doing wrong that leaving makes you so much better off. Either way you have made him curious and gotten his attention.
  7. Take the high road. Whatever you do, don’t give your ex the pleasure of being the more mature one. When you see him, whatever your personal feelings or the social setting, make sure you are civil. Being prickly or rude, just makes him feel smug and superior. Be polite enough to inquire how he is and act like you are interested but not feeling out if he is pining for you. Play things casual.
  8. Be confident. This is the hardest thing to pull off well. You need to convey to your ex-boyfriend and to everyone else, that whatever life throws at you, you can handle it. This will help you navigate through whatever games or tricks you ex tries to play on you. There are no easy ways to communicate confidence, but holding your head high helps. Smile whatever happens and play it cool.

The lessons you learn from a bad breakup may not always help you succeed in getting an ex back, but they will help you deal with life. You may not need to work on yourself too much, so don’t get overly worked up. And remember, you bagged a great guy once already, finding another shouldn’t be a problem.

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