How to Win Back A Boyfriend After A Bad Breakup

Winning back a boyfriend can bring about an array of emotions that you can and cannot handle.  It can make you feel excited about being reunited with your ex.  It can also leave you anxious whether he feels the same or not. It can even leave you scared that he will reject you and that he has found someone else.  It can even leave you speechless and uncertain of what words to say and how to do it.

However, the good feeling that this leaves you is that once again, you will feel the butterflies in your stomach when you see him, you feel happy about being with him, you get excited when you know that you will see him.  And what makes things more exciting is that at some point you would have to keep everything a secret at first.

Although this can leave you positive and negative feelings, it can also boggle you.  What would bother and boggle you the most is how to win him back.  What are the ways that you can do in order to win him back and that he stays with you for good.  Another thing that can boggle you is whether he will want to get back with you or not.   But before you actually worry about that, you need to worry more on what to do how to get him back.

Alright, calm down.  There are so many things that you can do to win back a boyfriend.  The steps that you can take would depend on the situations that the two of you are in.

If your guy has a new girlfriend already…

Alright, he is committed.  So, what’s next?  The question here is if you want to push through with the plan to get him back.  Do you want to get him back knowing that he is happy with someone else already?  If your answer to this question is a yes, then so be it.

You want your guy back despite the fact that he is committed.  However, before you even think of proceeding with your plan, you need to bear in mind that there will be another girl who will get hurt in the end.  It could be his girlfriend or it could be you.  If he chooses you, then he leaves his girlfriend and hurts her in the end.  If he chooses her, then you are left alone with no one and more enemies.   Also, bear in mind that it is never right to force a relationship to end for your own benefit.

But if you are still determined to get him back, all you need to do is wait.  Wait for them to break up.  Do not do anything that would cause their break up because you do not want to be labelled as a relationship wrecker, right?  While waiting for them to break up, slowly become friends with your guy.  Being friends with your ex is not a sin anyway. It is actually a good thing.  Be the first person to come to his aid and rescue when he needs help.

If your guy is single…

Now, this is easier.  If he is still single it could be that he has not yet moved on and totally healed from the break up or he just prefers to be alone for now.  You can use this to your advantage.  Being friends with him would also be very helpful.  Of course, the two of you have to start anew – new memories, new life, and new hope.  Being friends again would give the two of you a lot of time to share new memories together, have fun together and to go through different times together.  This time the two of you are more mature when it comes to handling situations and the two of you make better decisions.   Being friends would also allow the two of you to develop a deeper level of trust with each other and that is what you need to make the relationship stronger and for it to survive this time around.

While being friends, try to make him fall in love with you again.  More than likely the reason why he fell in love with you the last time was because you were fun to be with.

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